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Drawing class for adults

Whether you dream of creating stunning, lifelike drawings or simply want to relax and unwind through art, this drawing class is your ideal choice. You will learn how to work with shadow and light and the structure of a drawing. Sign up now to reserve your spot and embark on a transformative journey into the world of art! Your teacher: Christine Petersen

Caracter design & story telling

Calling all Kids!! Have you ever wanted to design your very own Spongebob, Batman or Super Mario? Good news! In this class you will learn all the basic steps to create and draw your own personal character, and to develop it across different projects. Your Teacher: Leo Antolini


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of watercolors with Céline Nordbergs beginner-friendly class. This artistic adventure is tailored for those eager to dip their brushes into the vibrant waters of watercolor painting. No prior artistic experience is required – this class is designed for absolute beginners seeking a fun and fulfilling introduction to the art of watercolors. Your teacher: Céline Nordberg

Mixed media & Bullet journal

Art/Work CPH is not your average art class! I adore working across the spectrum of media, from illustrating a bologna cake recipe for a fictional cookbook to sculpting and creating your very own stickers out of your own photos. You will learn traditional methods of composition, color theory, illustration, storytelling, and more. Your teacher: Jackie Pallesen

Guest teacher: Embroidery

Slow stitching is a movement within the world of embroidery that consists in enjoying the journey and experimenting with the possibilities of each step, discovering the results when we let it flow. In this Slow Stitching Course Maria Meiga will guide you through different exercises into the art of embroidery, following the slow stitching philosophy. Your teacher: Maria Meiga.

Guset teacher: Acrylics and street art

In this class we will focus on color mixing, interpretation and use it as a way of artistic expression. Only using the three basics (red, yellow, blue) and black & white, we will learn how to create the shades that we want to use as a complementary and equally important procedure for our painting creations. Your Teacher: Joanna Mugaska


International Women's day

8th of March

Embroidery for beginners

10th, 17th, 24th & 31st of March


16th & 11th of March

Paint Your Own Easter Art in Watercolor

28th of March

Paint Your Own Easter Art in Watercolor

29th of March

Pencil & pastel drawing - 2 days

7th & 8th of April

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