Acrylic Painting - New class coming up!

Why acrylics? Through the years the qualities of acrylics vary, from very low to medium and now someone can find extremely good qualities, almost as good as oil painting and they have become one of the most contemporary materials in modern Art. Many professionals use them as their main material, and not only for practice, as they did many years ago. They are also cheaper than oil, and we could say they’re easier to use. They don’t smell, they dry faster and they’re mixed only with water.


Starting from March 2024. More info will come.

From color theory to practice, only using the three basics (red, yellow, blue) and black & white, we will learn how to create the shades that we want to use as a complementary and equally important procedure for our painting creations.
You don’t need to have previous experience; we will focus on your personal skills from scratch.
Art has no rules, just good ideas. So no worries, you have to think it as an opportunity to have some relaxing time, some fun, good vibes and communication, to escape from reality and discover your creative self.
All Materials Included. All levels are welcome.


10weeks: 3000 kr.

5 week: 1750 kr.

Part 1 - 2 weeks

• Exploring.
• The materials,
• Mixing,
• Color theory
• Teqniques

Part 2 - 2 weeks

• Creation of your First Artwork.
• Based on guidance.

Part 3 - 2 weeks

• Creation of your second Artwork.
• With given theme.

Part 4 - 2 weeks

• Creation of your final and personal Artwork.
• Free theme.

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