Character design for kids

My Character design class is open to anyone aged 10-14, with or without experience. It’s designed specifically to make character creation accessible and easy to understand, focusing on students’ personal interests and individual creativity. We’ll go over basic design tools like shapes, contrast and personality, in a simple, approachable way, and learn to apply them. By the end, each student will have developed their own personal Mickey Mouse.


Have you ever wanted to design your very own Spongebob, Batman or Super Mario? Good news! In this class you will learn all the basic steps to create and draw your own personal character, and to develop it across different projects.

Winter Semester begins on Saturday 20/1 and and runs 10 weeks.

All levels are welcome.

Every Saturday 13.00-15.00

Location: Birkegade 19, kl. 2200 København N

Material list will be sent before coming to the first class.


10 weeks: 2500 kr.

5 week: 1300 kr.

1 week: 300 kr.

Level 1

• Finding and collecting references to get inspired.
• Shape launguage:triangles, squares and circles. 
• Exaggation and contrasts.
• Personality: Who is your caracter?

Level 2

• Expressions and poses
• Secondary characters
• World-building: where does your character live?
• Putting together a character pitch

Level 3

• Applying you characters: what we can use it for?
• Cerating a comic zine with your carater.

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