Drawing classes for adults

Do you want to lean to draw realistic drawings? Or explore different drawing techniques?

1. class: In the realistic drawing class you will master the art of capturing the world with accuracy. Realism emphasises the portrayal of subjects as they appear in reality, paying attention to intricate details, proportions, and light and shadow.

2. class: In my exploring drawing class you will try a lot of different techniques and ways to draw. You will embark on a journey of exploration.


The realistic class is divided in three parts: Graphite, Pastels on black paper and color pastels.

Winter Semester begins on Monday 8/1 and run 10 weeks.

Explore drawing will begin on Thursday 11/1 and runs 8 weeks.

All levels are welcome.

  • Mondays from 18.00-20.30
  • Thursdays from 18.00-20.30

Location: Birkegade 19, kl. 2200 København N

Material list will be sent before coming to your first class.


Realistic class:

  • 10 weeks: 3000 kr.
  • 5 week: 1750 kr.

1. Classical Graphite

  • Learning to scale and do proportions.
  • Combine shadows.
  • Developing your “artistic eye”.
  • Learning to work at an easel.
  • Understanding how to use the different pencils, moldable eraser and working on paper.

2. White and grey pastels on black paper

  • First step in the pastel-art world.
  • Learning to work with light instead of shadows in drawings.
  • Working with grey pastels in different shades building on top of the shadow techniques learned from pencil. 

3. Colour pastels on coloured paper:

  • Drawing style that is similar to oil-painting.
  • Working with layers, understanding colours and how to combine them.
  • Also learning how to work with coloured paper thinking it into the expression of the drawing.
  • Big focus on developing a unique drawing style, and adding elements drawn in freehand
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